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You can help us in reaching hundreds of thousands of people who need emotional support. We are currently offering our sessions to underprivileged communities so nobody feels unheard, disconnected and not supported.

You can pledge monthly or one time donation. Any amount is a huge support for us. Just having you by our side fills us with gratitude & an energy to do better.


When you donate, you would receive:

  • 80G Tax Invoice and a Thank you note from the entire community for supporting us in our mission. 

  • A monthly newsletter report of our journey together .

  • An opportunity to attend listening training and self growth workshops from sunonaa supporters

  • We also gift a listening training manual for you to grow your listening skills further.

Listening Movement

With covid realities all around us we see this even more crucial to extend our work towards marginalized vulnerable communities who need this support and empowerment training . Our mission is to provide  one year wellbeing support to 600+ girls through active listening sessions, workshops, training and building communities.

Through this campaign we are offering:

1.     6000+ active listening sessions that help them manage their emotions.

2.     On demand therapy sessions.  

3.     12 workshops aimed to teach skills and techniques on self care.

4.     Creating content around mental health in various Indian languages to reduce stigma and increase awareness.

5.     Building and co creating support groups for different communities.

6.     Building support groups for focussed issues - stress, anxiety, addiction.

7.     Create the technology support for the platform for active support to provide help 24/7 and expand our reach.


How does the sunonaa campaign contribute ? 


  1. It will help capacitate adolescents from not falling in the trap of mental illness.

  1. It will provide expert sessions which will help them in dealing with stress, anxiety through providing tools to overcome them.

  2. Techniques and tools to prepare themselves for self care, decision making and making contributive life choices will be created and shared with everyone. 

  3.  A strong support group to be able to share fears, troubles and life changing experiences 


You can pledge monthly donation as much as you can. The suggested amount is 2% of your monthly income. Any amount when pledged monthly is a huge support for us. Just having you by our side fills us with gratitude & an energy to do better.

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