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Loneliness in metro cities with new job

“Even in a crowd you can feel alone”. This statement fits accurately in the lives of big cities. Especially for someone who has moved for a job in a metro city. Here, loneliness doesn’t mean physical solitude but lack of connection, closeness or intimacy for a person surrounded with plenty of people.

There is no definite definition of loneliness, because one can feel alone in various ways.

What leads people towards loneliness

There can be multiple reasons that can make a person feel lonely. If we talk about the people moving in metro cities for job purpose, the reasons can be following: -

  • Moving away from family and friends.

  • Living alone.

  • Lack of bond with colleagues and other people in the new city.

  • The pressure of fitting in the new place.

  • Lack of intimacy.

  • Work load, etc.

There are various other reasons which can make us feel lonely. But the real question is this, whether this feeling is constant or temporary. If it is temporary, then it is just because of the nervousness of moving in a big city and it will soon go away after sometime. But if the feeling of loneliness is constant, it can lead a person towards CHRONIC LONELINESS, which can lead to Depression.

Chronic loneliness (being and feeling lonely for a long time) is a modern-day epidemic. Over the past 10 years, health experts have seen an increase in this phenomenon within the age group of 25-35 years old. Most people complaining of chronic loneliness are those who have moved to bigger cities from smaller places to realize their aspirations.

Reason behind chronic loneliness


  • Increased need for privacy

  • Reducing tolerance for compromise

  • Current trend of social media

  • Lack of meaningful relationships or break-ups

  • Increasing workload

Effects of chronic loneliness

  • Mental health problems like- stress, depression and anxiety

  • Higher blood pressure

  • Disbalanced sleep cycle

  • Increase in alcohol consumption

Because of all these effects sometimes people start isolating themselves even more, which in turn magnifies the pain associated with the feeling of loneliness.

Read the symptoms

Understanding symptoms is the first step towards dealing with any issue. Still there are times when we feel isolated but soon we get over it and move on with our lives. However, if that feeling continues to stay for over a week and starts affecting your day-to-day function then addressing it becomes important.

Chronic loneliness is not a clinical diagnosis; there exists no general criteria or cut-offs for diagnosing it. Certainly, the longer the state of loneliness lasts, the more serious it is.

How to deal with loneliness?

After knowing all the effects and symptoms, is it possible to deal with the feeling of loneliness people face because of working in metro cities? Yes, there are many ways, which are following: - 1. Reach out to your loved ones. Talk to friends or family about how you feel. And the people you talk to must add value into your life, not the ones you randomly talk on social media. Because no matter how great it feels talking to them, their one wrong sentence can hurt you really bad or even make your situation worse.

2. Get a pet.

This suggestion is for you only when you can take care of another living being. If you can't, do not follow this point.

Pets, especially a dog, can actually help you build relationships with new people. Pets can act as a bridge of conversations between you and the new people of your surroundings, if they also like animals.

3. Step up, and meet new people.

It is important to take yourself out from isolation and go out to socialize in a new place. And for that you can start with the communities of your interests, like NGOs, hobby classes, etc. This way you will meet people who have similar interests, which will lead to good conversations.

4. Connect to yourself

Doing creative activities is the most fun and possible way to connect to yourself. Activities like painting, making crafts, D.I.Ys, gardening, cooking, etc can help you to relax and attain peace. These activities will help you to utilize your free time and help you feel less lonely.

5. Take professional help.

When the above solutions don't work you can always reach out to a therapist. Because they know exactly how to help you.

All these solutions will only work when you will acknowledge your feelings and start doing something about it. The one person who can help you the most is ‘YOU’. It's always about the first step, take that step and you will see the results.


One nowhere feels as lonely and lost as in the metropolitan crowd, but the hectic pace of life in the big city can also be a window to know more about ourselves. You just need to steal the moments and introspect, and understand what needs your attention and what not. When you feel anxious and alone, just sit and breathe, this will help you clear your mind and find countless ways in which you can enjoy yourself and reduce the feeling of loneliness.

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