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Sunonaa started with the aim of providing a safe and empathetic space for everyone and anyone who wants to share what’s in their heart openly. It all began with a single poster reading “I am listening” at Indian Coffee Home in Delhi in 2017. Receiving encouraging responses with sessions that changed lives on both the sides, the listening sessions became a weekend affair with a simple intention to lend a mindful presence to someone who would want to be heard. We are now hosting listening sessions and listening skills trainings online and offline and reaching every corner of the world promoting the empowering power of acknowledging thoughts waiting to be heard.

Experience the empowering potential for yourself and sign up for a session today.


We Simply Listen. We don’t ask questions. We don’t advice. We don’t Judge. 

We believe If we can hold space for someone’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, that space itself becomes therapeutic and magically uplifting that most of the times people end up feeling better and finding their own answers. A genuine human connection that allows you to be you and allows you to feel and think whatever you choose is rare in today’s world and all we want is to create more such spaces and more awesome listeners in the world.

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