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  • What do we do?
    We simply listen to what you have to say.
  • What can I talk about and for how long? Does talking about things that worry you help?
    You can talk about your life, your dreams, your hopes or your pain, sufferings, your happy moments as in whatever that’s going on in your heart and mind. Please be mindful that keeping the conversation civil and respectful towards the listener is expected out of you. Strict action would be taken against any inappropriate cues/behavior/words. We keep the session for 40 minutes. If you want, you can end it before as well but we highly recommend to just be mindfully present in the session for that duration to yield the best experience. If you want to extend the session, please book two consecutive slots. About talking about your woes, when you share your thoughts, feelings and emotions without any fear of judgment or justification, you connect more to others and your own self. You receive clarity, presence and healing.
  • How to book a listening session? What are the modes of listening Sunonaa offers?
    Sunonaa offers listening sessions for both online and offline modes. You can book a listening session as per your schedule and according to the available slots in the calendar. We will assign a volunteer to listen to you on a zoom video call. Once you will register, you will receive the video call link on your given email id. For booking an offline listening session, please drop us an email about your requirement and available date and timings to
  • I am facing an issue in booking, What should I do?"
    Please drop an email about your booking requirement to and we will book a session for you from our end.
  • I won’t be able to join the session. What should I do?
    Please drop an email immediately to if you cannot make it to session so someone else can book that slot.
  • How to become a listener?
    Please attend Deep Listening Event to receive mandatory training of listening skills and then we can add you to listeners group if you choose to. We will post our listening volunteer requirement in the same group and you can choose time slot as per your availability.
  • Can I choose who to listen? Or Can I choose who will listen to me?
  • Will my identity be revealed?
    No. We keep your data very safe and secure and do not share with anyone. We don’t record your session.
  • Do you also offer your services to organizations?
    Yes, we do offer listening skills trainings and listening sessions in school, colleges and corporate office settings.
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