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Hey there, I'm Poorvi Jain and I'm a Clinical Psychology Undergrad student.

When my grandpa passed away during the second wave of COVID-19, it felt like the end of my happy childhood. I started avoiding people and questioning my beliefs. His absence made me feel really alone, as no one understood me like he did. I blamed myself, especially because he died right after my birthday. I stopped doing things that used to make me happy, like celebrating my birthday. Without him, I felt a big loss in my life – it affected my school, my feelings, and how outgoing I used to be. But in the tough times, I learned to be stronger. I faced my sadness and rebuilt who I am. Even though his absence still hurts, I'm on a journey to discover myself again, not weaker, but stronger because of the good memories he left behind.

Every time I lend a caring ear, I see how it makes a big difference, spreading positivity and connecting us meaningfully.

Poorvi Jain

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  • Loneliness, Stress, Career ,Relationships, Homesickness, Hopelessness, failure (academic/life), shifting homes often

  • Completed Level 1 Foundation Training and take regular listening sessions with Sunonaa


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