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Hey there, I'm Pradipta,and I'm here to share a little gist of my life with you! Growing up, I struggled with anxiety, confidence, and presenting myself to the world. Being part of a household with both parents working, I often found it hard to establish deep emotional connections with those around me. I was the average kid , unsure of how to step into the spotlight. Over time, I've learned to embrace and present myself in a better way. Sure, anxiety still makes an occasional appearance, but I've learned to handle. It's a process, after all.And now, in my early twenties, I am content with who I am. I love ghazal, a quiet walk in nature, and listening to people ranting about their niche interests. It brings me joy.

I love to listen to people and provide them with a listening space. I feel connected to this concept of sunonaa of providing people with an empathetic and non judgemental space to let it out in a way. Few years back, when I was struggling, all i needed was someone to just sit, listen and understand me without any judgement. And now that, I have grown and have the ability to be that person, I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity

Pradipta Dutta

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₹80.00every week for 4 weeks
  • Stress, Career, Relationships, Homesickness

  • I have completed my training and currently I am close to completing 100 listening hours with Sunonaa.

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