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Hey there, I am Tehsheena Yasmin and I'm currently pursuing my 6th sem in BA Applied Psychology.

I've been a loner during my middle school period, mostly due to me being extremely shy and an introvert. Growing up I've had troubling friendships and relationships. I was also a victim of bullying during my early high school stage, which affected me a lot. I dipped academically, developed insecurities, lost "friends", had no confidence in anything I did, developed trust and abandonment issues as well. I eventually got over my insecurities by the time i entered high school. I had a change in my environment, away from people who were affecting my mental health negatively and had contributed to the bullying, I developed better habits and gave myself the love and patience that i'd offer others. Now, I am more careful about whom I let into my space but good with everyone. I also believe in quality over quantity. I'm grateful to have a close and great set of friends now, in the meantime I also developed certain skills, had a positive personality development and I am now content with what I have and do. I am also quite passionate about music and watching documentaries.

I want to contribute in this journey where people have an opportunity to feel heard.

Tehsheena Yasmin

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  • Loneliness, Stress, Relationships, Homesickness

  • I've been interning with Sunonaa since April 2021.

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